Caleb Donahoe

Caleb believes that movement is medicine. This message is at the heart of his coaching approach.

Right before the pandemic, Caleb founded Max Lvl Fitness, an online personal training service built for gamers. Over the last couple of years, his private business has shifted to focus on moving physically to heal mentally. Today, you will find a mix of both in his coaching. Caleb recognizes the importance of playing games and having fun. Movement can be playful, which in turn can strengthen and stabilize your brain.

Caleb believes there is great potential for comfort, healing, and excitement in exercise. If you take Caleb’s class, expect to be challenged, to laugh, to hear occasional sing-coaching, and to leave feeling energized, motivated, and accomplished.

Caleb specializes in strength training, corrective exercise, and injury prevention/management. He is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Nutrition Coach. He also holds certifications from End of Three Fitness (Lvl 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach) and the Personal Trainer Development Center (Level 2 Online Trainer). He lives in Atlanta with his Shiba Inu pup and streamer-gamer wife.

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